Kayaking: Go for It Today

Kayaking: Go for It TodayKayaks, originally created by Inuit’s, then known as Eskimos have evolved a lot over the years. Kayak were also called as “Hunter’s boat “and were often used for fishing and hunting purpose. They have a high stealth capability and thus was of great help to hunters. Kayaking was introduced as a sport by the two famous countries, Germany and France. The Kayak is used in conjunction with a double bladed paddle to move across the water, and this is known as Kayaking. People often confuse canoeing as Kayaking, but there is a clear difference between the two. In Canoeing, paddles are provided to which number of blades are attached while in Kayaking, a single double bladed paddle is provided which is swung at both sides in rotation to move forward. One can find many types of kayaks, few of the prominent and most popular ones are ‘sit on top’ kayaks where the paddlers sit on top of the kayaks on the concave deck exposed to water completely, the second one is ‘cockpit style’, where the person sits inside the Kayak i.e. the lower body is inside the kayak. The other two are ‘inflatables’ and ‘Tandems’. Tandems are designed for more than one paddler.

Safety Is First And Foremost

It is of no doubt that Kayaking is a great sport and comes with great fun, but it is only of worth when practiced with the right gears and safety aids. The various equipment that is generally required in a Kayak are namely helmets, paddles, buoyancy aids, dry bags, safety equipment, waterproof bag, air bags, foam padding and first aid kits.

Kayaking Activities

Kayaking is often used for underwater diving and fishing. In diving, diver carries all the gear with him and at the appropriate location goes for the dive, this way he takes the dual fun of kayaking and deep sea diving. This sport is always a great fun and can add romance on your honeymoon. Make use of wedding napkins and ask your spouse for Kayaking today.

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