What Role Do Small Cargo Ships Play In The Global Economy?

small-cargo-ship-1If you have ever spent any time near the ocean or a major port, you have undoubtedly seen all sorts of ships going in and out of the harbor. While many of these ships are quite large, there are also many that are a good bit smaller. Small cargo ships play an important role in the global economy, but this is a role that is often overlooked by many people.

In fact, most cargo ships are relatively small. While the massive supertankers and ultra-large vessels may get most of the attention, these ships actually make up a fairly small proportion of the number of ships at sea at any given time. Most of the ships that are sailing from port to port are fairly small.

These small ships carry a sizable fraction of the world’s cargo, however, so they play a vital role in keeping the global economy moving. Most freight is transported via ship, since the cost of air freight is too expensive for most purposes. Using ships to transport cargo is the most cost-sensitive solution.

All sorts of goods are loaded onto these ships, from clothes to food and more. Many of the items that you have in your home may have been transported across the ocean in one of these vessels. Whenever you look at an item and see a tag that says “Made in China,” it was probably on one of these small cargo ships at some point in the not too distant past.

The more that you know about shipping, the more you will appreciate the importance of these small vessels. The next time that you go to the store to make a purchase, take a look around and realize just how many items were transported on a cargo ship.